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running alkaline
05 November 2010 @ 06:41 pm
My journal is friends only. You have to comment on my first public post, or I will NOT add you.

However, there is nothing to see here. All of my fics are at radidatorhum
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running alkaline
19 April 2009 @ 03:37 pm
I've removed everyone from my friends list and would appreciate it if you've done the same to me. I'm finished with this journal and have moved. I'm pretty sure that the people who still wanted to be friends have added my new one when I first moved, but if that's not the case and you still want to be ~friends, leave a comment here and I shall add you with my new journal!


I still love Shomo, so everything is good. :]
running alkaline
it's 28 degrees F otuside.
it's 6.20 am.

I'm going to cuddle up and go to sleep.
running alkaline
26 September 2007 @ 06:09 pm
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Yes, this again.

I've defriended you because:

a) You never update
b) I'm tired of seeing your emo "omg me against the world" posts / vice versa
c) I just don't care for you.
d) you hate me as much as I hate you

The end. I will probably not be adding anyone back, or hell, adding anymore people. I'm sick of people friending me because of fanfiction. Go away.

The end :D

Questions? Comments?

Yeah, I didn't think so. Haha.
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running alkaline
06 August 2007 @ 12:51 pm

Comment to stay. I don't care who you are, so don't think you're safe. Haha. But I'm serious.

You don't need to comment if...

I've added you recently, as in the past month...
OR if you are bunnymix, the_limousine, and glassmoon, mrscaulfield or anyone who was friends with me with my old LJs. :]

And well, tbh I really like you guys, so comment? XD
running alkaline
24 March 2007 @ 01:34 am
full review tomorrow, but here are some pics.
they're kinda crappy and mostly of john haha. i was right in front of him. :]
i also got a pick from john and michelle and a thumbs up from shaun and a high five from will.

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click for more john nolan dancing whiteboy style!Collapse )
running alkaline
27 October 2006 @ 12:43 am
Brand New was nothing short of AMAZING!

They only played like 7 songs, but it was a good hour long. They opened with Sic Transit, and closed with Tommy Gun, I think. We were in the second row, right in front of Vinnie. He had this sweater on that basically swallowed his thin frame. His stage antics are almost better than Frank Iero's. He was have sex with his guitar and doing some freakishly creepy dance. Lmfao.

Of course I was the furthest away from Garrett. But these Dashboard bitches kept pushing me, so pretty soon I was right in front of Lacey. Ohh man and he was wearing a damned V-neck! The backdrop was very pretty and it was like a curtain of little flashy lights. The best part was when they first came on stage, black lights were turned on! It was so awesome!

God, I hate Dashboard! Half of the people who were at the show were for them, and a lot of them were impatient, pushy bitches! They were just standing there with a bored expression on their faces or... making out. Ew.

I already had a taste of what DC would sound like, because we were in the lobby thingy, not actually in the center, and we could hear him wailing from there during sound check! But some guy who was behind us kept saying how he wanted to kill Chris Cabarra. Or however you spell his name. D:

So after Brand New was over, Aubrey and I (who at this point had lost Nikki/Alex/Kaleb) decided to go look at the merch and get something to drink. See, we were NICE unlike the Dashboard people! We moved out of the way for them. I bought a blue Fight Off Your Demons shirt. Very pretty. I'm wearing it now, but you'll see why.

We walked around, complaing about how Chris sounded like a dying orcha, got drinks, and walked around some more. We kept going back in, watching by the sound dude, but eh. My ears were hurting, lol. So we then walked to sit down near a wall to the South entry. All of a sudden, we see these two girls freaking out and I turn and look and who do I see? Jesse FUCKING Lacey! My eyes widened and I said to Aubrey, "Oh my god, it's Jesse Lacey!" And she turns and ses him and we clutch each other and were probably squealing. He sees us and as he walks by, says, "Hi!" and we wave frantically. With him was Garrett Tierney and some other dudes. They all just got back from the Bass Pro Shop across the street. Of course I hissed, 'Garrett!' and he sped up and pracitcally ran into the stage area lmfao. I swear I blinked my eyes and he was already gone!

By then the two girls saw him closer and we all were spazzing. One of the girls was like, "Just call him over here!" so we all were whispering loudly, "JESSE! C'mere! Jesse!"

He hears us and turns around, smiling. He puts his finger to his lips, shushing us, and waved for us to come closer. God, I am so pathetic. My hands were shaking like mad and I couldn't freaking believe it! Jesse Lacey was right in front of me! I got to see the chest hair of doom up close! Lmfao.

I was rambling, "Hi, can you sign my shirt?" I fumbled for a sharpie, which was the skinny fine point one from my Drawing class, but didn't care. He asked the guy who was with him if he had a thicker one, but no, he didn't. He signed my shirt, and the other girls (a shirt, and someone's jeans) and Aubrey's Bayside bag. She was like, "Can you sign this, even though it is Bayside?"
Jesse: "Yeah, of course. I like them." (Or he said they were good, I don't remember)
Me: Yeah, well, it's still Long Island!
Jesse: Yeah, heh.

Then he turns to us and does the sweetest thing ever! He shakes all of our hands and asks for our names and says, "Hi, I'm Jesse." to each of us.

And of course I was like, "Can I have a hug?" and he was like, "Sure!" and wraps me in the nicest, tightest, warmest hug I've been in. ♥ I didn't care that I was practically in his chest hair or anything. Lol. He is also way shorter than I imagined! He was maybe 5'8, even if that! (and still taller than me :\)

Then I was like, "Hey, you like my shirt?" (Remember, my Moz FTW shirt?)
Jesse laughs and says, "Yeah!" I was about to explain what 'FTW' meant, but he was like, "Yeah, I know what it means. I play Warcraft alot and use it all the time."

JESSE USES 'FTW' mlsankldsg. Lmfao, unless it means something else. My mom told me it meant 'Fuck the world' so whatever. It's still amazing. Jesse Lacey playing Warcraft is hilariously adorable. :D

But damn, my hands were shaking, and I kept apologizing and everything. I felt so bad and choked out, "You're my hero." He just smiled and "aww"ed me haha.

adnklshgkds that's all I can remember. I'm gonna clean this uo and post it to a BN community lmfao.

running alkaline
24 May 2006 @ 05:27 pm
I know it's hard, but you have to try.
Forget me now and leave me behind.
You're better off without my troubles and woes.
So flee now before our love can grow.
It's my dying wish, for you to set me free.
Though it took awhile to finally realize someone could love me.
You may brush away my insecurities of the past,
but I hate myself more than our love could ever last.

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